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    But you feel like a misfit.
    You wish you could be a legal luminary.
    But you feel like you’re stumbling in the dark.

    Then, you’re in the right place.

    My name is Chioma Esther Edem-Etim.

    I help young women in Law & in Media develop strong voices, solid careers and stable personal lives with my books, blog posts, podcast and training videos.

    But I wasn’t always like that.

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    Wanna Become A Media Maven?

    There was a time I was so shy, that I literally didn’t speak. And nobody expected me to.

    But I loved to read. Put almost anything in front of me and I’d read it.

    And when at the age of 9, I read “Naughty Amelia Jane”, a children’s book by an English author, I decided I didn’t quite like it – so I’d write my own version.

    That version never saw the light of day and I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing wrong till 20 YEARS later…

    By which time I had
    ✔ trained as a stage actress with a drama troupe (most brutal, no-nonsense training I’ve ever undergone)
    ✔ worked on magazines in various roles (including a stint as Editor-in-Chief for a London-based publication)
    ✔ written scripts for stage productions from Port-Harcourt in Nigeria to Canterbury in the UK

    So, when a set of unusual circumstances (think life gave me lemons so I made lemonade and lemon meringue for sale) led me to release my first book, I embraced it.


    FOREVER THERE FOR YOU has given me more than the painfully shy child I was, could ever have dreamed about.

    The courage to articulate my thoughts, speak up for what I believe in, build a brand that’s synonymous with fearlessness. And a bit of troublemaking.

    FOREVER THERE FOR YOU is the reason I was offered my own radio presenting gigs twice (one time because I went into a McDonald’s restaurant in London one night; true story).

    Yes, I had the time of my life, doing them!

    The lessons I learned from FOREVER THERE FOR YOU + my time in magazines, helped me launch a first-of-its-type blogazine – a marriage between a blog and a magazine – in Nigeria, which won the UK BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) award for Blog of the Year in 2016.

    Talking of marriages, I’m married to the man of my dreams partly because of FOREVER THERE FOR YOU (someone stole the original manuscript and he chased after them)…

    And I currently provide the vision for The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd, where we help serious Creatives and Legal Professionals find, fine-tune and amplify their voices while broadcasting their stories.

    Which is why if you’re feeling stuck in your media career or you’re trying to get in, I’m the one you want in your corner.

    “I was struggling with self doubt and hated my job.

    “But you made me realize that consistency, hard work and dedication can make me a better person.

    “That I don’t need a lot of people in my space to feel loved or happy because just the right people are enough.

    “I faced my fears by starving my distraction and preparing for what I wanted, and I got it.

    “It also meant I got to make my podcast bigger.

    “Thank you so much🥰”

    Eseosa Oyegue (Heart Talk With Eseosa Podcast)

    So, if you’re a woman who
    ✔ is ready to build or grow your brand as a media maven
    ✔ is or wants to be a presenter, podcaster, YouTuber, broadcaster, writer, blogger, digital journalist, actress, performance artist or in other parts of the media,
    ✔ wants to do any of the above while retaining your credibility (and sanity!)


    When a lot of children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, they say things like,

    “I want to be a doctor.”
    “I want to be a lawyer.”
    “I want to be famous.”

    I didn’t.
    I just wanted to be invisible.

    I grew up with an abusive misogynist who was enabled when he told me DAILY that I would never amount to anything because I was a woman.

    My teenage years were blighted by a woman-batterer who was shielded after he promised (and tried) to murder me.

    I also had to exist in a society whose weak social conscience and ineffective legal system, shames victims into silence and erases survivors.

    Despite that, I couldn’t shake the feeling that right is right and wrong is wrong. That there had to be a better, fairer, more equitable way. And I should keep searching till I find it.

    But it wasn’t till one of my abusers was dead and I turned 20, that I heard for the first time that I could be somebody, that I wasn’t crazy.

    The violent murder of that abuser in my presence (no, I didn’t kill him or arrange it) set me free in some ways…

    And at 21, after a series of events that even I could never have predicted, I arrived at Abacus College in Oxford to do a University Foundation Programme in Law.

    Getting a place on the Law (LLB) programme at the Kent Law School of the University of Kent in Canterbury, eight months after I’d arrived Abacus, was a dream come true.

    I’d watched the Legally Blonde film a year before and was absolutely blown away by the fact that Elle Woods’ character (played by Reese Witherspoon) who goes to Harvard Law School to get her ex boyfriend back, could represent a real client in a real trial in a real court, while she was still a student.

    And knowing I’d eventually go to the United Kingdom to study, the first Law School that did something similar that I found was Kent Law School. So, I focused on going there.

    That was a real turning point for me, as Kent was where I found my voice and truly started learning how to use it in different ways.

    Cos it was at Kent that I
    ✔ served as Course Rep for two academic years (my first and second years)
    ✔ wrote a first-class dissertation on money laundering, in my second year
    ✔ volunteered throughout my three years, at the Kent Law Clinic that represented real clients in Immigration and Employment Law cases at relevant tribunals
    ✔co-founded a Criminal Appeals Team under the auspices of the Kent Law Clinic, to look into unsafe convictions of individuals who were already serving long prison terms
    ✔ served as elected University of Kent Student Union Women’s Officer in my final year, during which my priority was health and safety of female university students

    While I chose not to practise Law after I graduated from the University of Kent, I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Food Law from the De Montfort University in Leicester.

    And my first novel, FOREVER THERE FOR YOU, gives me access into the presence and heads of decision-makers in religious, political, and legal practice spaces.


    FOREVER THERE FOR YOU tells the story of a daddy’s girl from Nigeria, who’s never been in a toxic relationship in her life, yet ends up with an abusive husband in the UK.

    Working with my other half, I consult privately for male and female victims who need help telling their stories, and for their lawyers who need to make the law work for them – where there’s a real threat or existing occurrence of a miscarriage of justice.

    I’m also the CEO of The Fearless Storyteller House Emporium Ltd, where we help serious Creatives and Legal Professionals find, fine-tune and amplify their voices while broadcasting their stories.

    So, if you’re a woman who doesn’t know how to but you are ready to
    ✔ build your personal brand while taking your place as a legal luminary
    ✔ use your Law degree for good, whether or not you actually (want to) practise
    ✔ use your legal knowledge and experience (as a barrister, solicitor, attorney, legal assistant, secretary or clerk, paralegal, legal correspondent, or Law student) to co-create a more equitable society than the one you/your mother/your grandma grew up in


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    How does a daddy's girl from Nigeria, who's never been in a toxic relationship in her life, end up with an abusive husband in the UK?

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