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    3 Times You Really Shouldn’t Be Excited About Being Chosen

    The concept of being chosen tends to bring up different emotions for a lot of people, for various reasons.

    For some, being chosen is something they are not ashamed to say they want and will do anything to achieve. It proves to the world that they’re better than others in a category.

    Some others actively avoid competitions, as they could end up not being chosen. And that has its own complications…

    But whether you are an author, lawyer, presenter, actress, partner, filmmaker or teacher – and no matter how much you want to succeed in your personal life or career – there are certain times you really shouldn’t be excited about chosen.

    Read on for the top three.

    1) When you’re not being chosen by your choice

    Some survivors have described the horror of being chosen by a kidnapper, an armed robber or a ritualist as their victim.

    What about relentlessly being romantically pursued by a man you really don’t want to date – but he has chosen you?

    Or even being publicly proposed to by the person you definitely don’t want to marry – but there are people around, going, “Aww! Say Yes!! How romantic!!!”

    No matter how much effort they put into it, why would you be excited about being chosen by someone you don’t want or for something you’d rather avoid?

    2) When you’re not being valued

    There are times when you have actually chosen the one that chose you.

    But being chosen by whom or for what you also chose, is really not enough to get excited over. Wondering why?

    Ponder the following scenarios:
    ❌ you’re married to a wo/man you also wanted to marry, BUT they demean, abuse and make you feel like crap in marriage
    ❌ you were excited when you were chosen as a mentee by the lawyer you really looked up to, BUT they treat you like an office lackey/free personal assistant
    ❌ you were really happy when you won that acting role after all the auditions, BUT the director expects you to date him/her or they’ll make your experience miserable on set and get you fired from the project
    ❌ the thrill you had when signed up that client in your business has worn off as you’ve since discovered that they are the very definition of the client from hell
    ❌ you’re an author whose book has been picked by someone who doesn’t like your genre, so they give you a bad review

    If you’re not being valued even when you’re giving value, of what use is being chosen?

    3) When you’re not prepared for what you’ve been chosen for

    There are times what you’ve chosen has chosen you AND they actually value you. But you’re not actually prepared.

    Whether it’s an opportunity, a promotion, a presentation, a TV/radio/podcast or job interview – you really don’t want to show up unready.

    Perhaps you don’t know where to go to get prepared. Maybe, you think your charisma will see you through. Or your level of unpreparedness won’t matter.

    But being unprepared has a way of making you behave like undone moi-moi in your place of elevation. And it causes unnecessary embarrassment – especially if someone believed in you.

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    Do you now see why being chosen isn’t always something for you to get excited about? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below

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