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    Feeling The Sting Of Betrayal?

    Just wanted to talk to those who are feeling the sting of betrayal, today…

    I am NOT saying you deserved the betrayal.

    But that it was for your good.

    Hear me out…

    Some years ago, I felt something was wrong. I didn’t know what it was, but I couldn’t shake the feeling.

    One day, I said to my other half, “I need you to do whatever it takes, to test the people around you. I will support 125% no matter how drastic whatever you choose to do is. But these folk I can see are not for you or us. Something is off. I ain’t saying we’re alone in this world. I know those who are for us are definitely more than those who aren’t. But these people we’ve collected around us, that we’re all doing all this stuff for, are NOT our people. I cannot prove it, but I need you to trust me. You know I’m not crazy.”

    My husband is used to me saying what another man would call “crazy”. He’s also used to ALL the “crazy stuff I say” actually being right.

    And there are things a man who wants an easier life does, if he knows he has a wife that has a way of being right.

    So, he did what he did.

    And people’s hearts and characters were exposed. We (he and I) were shocked cos some people we would not have expected to be idi*ts, fell out from under the masks they had been wearing for years.

    I don’t know who was more heartbroken – me or him. No, I did NOT say “I told you so” cos
    a) NOT the time or the place
    b) I didn’t. I really didn’t expect what was revealed. There were some people I had reservations or I just couldn’t gel with no matter how hard I tried and I didn’t know why at the time. But there were some that I was like, “Dang! You, too?”


    And that’s why the betrayal was good for you.

    Those events were as much a test for the USELESS people you surrounded yourself with, as it was a test for you.

    Because of fear, convention, tradition, religion or societal expectations, you gave titles to people who had not earned them and honour (based on the titles) to those who did not deserve them.

    You called them brother, mother, bestie, business partner, sister from another mama, pastor, client, friend, mentor, godfather, etc. Yet, they weren’t.

    And you were about to cause even more damage to yourself by believing they were for you. Their betrayal put a stop to that.

    Don’t lie; if their hearts towards you and their characters weren’t exposed when they were, you were about to
    ❌take complete fools to your next level
    ❌ promote idiots AND
    ❌give assassins the keys to your house.

    Cos you’re actually a good person!

    And after all you’ve been through already, your spirit was like, “I don’t think so!” You and your mission are too valuable to be messing with the trash you are confusing with human beings.”

    I submit to you that your anger at them and their betrayal, is masking your anger at yourself.

    You’re low-key (or very) mad at yourself for giving away your power.

    You’re still wondering how you didn’t see them clearly before, for what they were.

    And if you did see, why you kept them in your life. Kept being wilfully blind, making excuses for them.

    That’s why it happened – so that their total INELIGIBILITY for your next level would be exposed in a way you could not ignore or deny or unsee or unhear.

    I also want to tell you that regardless of your religious persuasion – FORGIVENESS IS NOT RESTORATION OF ACCESS. Or forgoing justice.

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    Do you now feel a bit better about the betrayal or at least know why it had to happen? Let me know in the comments section below.

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