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    The Myth Of Safe Spaces


    If you’re wondering why so-called safe spaces don’t seem to work for you, you probably need to read this. And if you’re confused about why anyone would posit that “safe…

    Do You Need To Take A Break?


    If you’re on here because you think you need to take a break, but you feel guilty about it – you’re welcome. There’s this weird, laughable yet unfortunate trend happening…

    How To Win An Award


    If you’re wondering how to win an award, you’re on the right page. And if you’re surprised that there might be a specific way to win an award, I feel…

    Why You Should Stop Charging Your Worth


    If you’ve heard about charging your worth or wondered how to start, you are on the right page. You might have been questions about how to gauge what your worth…

    Keeping You Safe By Keeping Quiet

    There are unions, babies, partnerships and dreams that can only be safeguarded properly by keeping quiet. I understand that we now live in an era where social media tells you…

    The Problem With Asking Questions


    May YOU know the right question(s) to ask, as they might just save your business, your relationship or your life… In 2016, when I launched my company to provide certain…

    The Truth About Becoming


    Whenever someone in the public eye releases a book on becoming, there’s a lot of fanfare and it is virtually guaranteed to become a bestseller. In this context, becoming –…

    The Truth About Following Your Passion


    Chances are you’ve heard about following your passion. Some people swear they’re rich beyond their wildest dreams only because they found and followed theirs. Others, not so much. If you’ve…

    How To Get Clients For Your Law Practice


    If you’re currently wondering how to get clients for your law practice – whether you’re a solicitor, barrister, paralegal or something else – this is definitely the post for you….

    How Self-Doubt Can Be Your Greatest Ally


    If you struggle with self-doubt, you’re on the right blog post. And if you saw the title of this blog post and thought, “Wait! Self-doubt has robbed me of opportunities…

    7 Reasons You Should Be Saying No


    If you’re finding saying no, difficult – either because you’re not sure why you should or how to go about it – you’re reading the right blog post. Maybe saying…

    The Danger of Craving Acceptance


    One of the ways I found and entered a new level of freedom is determining that I would NEVER again argue with a f**l, under the guise of vying for…

    Why You Shouldn’t Forgive And Forget


    When I was growing up, I heard “You must forgive and forget, in order to prove that you are a good Christian” MANY times. Anyone who’s even marginally honest, knows…

    Living For The Job, Dying For The Applause


    Just how far will you go for applause? When Andre Leon Talley died, a lot of people communicated their shock at what they saw as Vogue’s (and Wintour’s) poor treatment….

    The Truth About Easy Success


    The problem with easy success isn’t just that you expect it. And you might expect it after hearing things like “if you find something you love and do it for…

    The Problem With Overnight Success


    When you watch any of the plethora of reality TV shows in existence, it’s very tempting to believe in overnight success. But there’s a massive problem with overnight success; there’s…

    The Ugly Truth About Waiting


    Do you know delay and waiting for anything can look, feel, sound and taste like the same thing? Check out what you need to bear in mind.

    Why Is It So Hard To Wait?


    Have you ever gotten really annoyed when you hear or find out that you have to wait? Why do you think it was so hard to wait?

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