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    Boris Johnson & The Curious Case of The Undone Moi-moi

    So, if you’re wondering what Boris Johnson has to do with undone moi-moi, and why it should concern you – especially if you’re a woman in Law or Media – read to the end.

    Now, unless you’ve been under a rock or you haven’t been on the internet, you know by now that Boris Johnson’s premiership has officially come to an end.

    And it’s not so much that it’s come to an end that’s news – afterall, Boris Johnson doesn’t have a lifetime right to the role – as it is about how, why and when it happened.

    Anyone who knows (or can be bothered to do some light research) will admit that Boris Johnson has been groomed for and waiting in the wings to take up the role of UK Prime Minister, for a really long time.

    So, how did an academically adept man with the right background, who went to the right schools, who had the right type and volume of ambition, and who was cut a lot of slack – fail so woefully when he got in the role he’d waiting for all his life?

    Educated at Eton College, then Oxford Uni where he got into politics, he had one divorce under his belt by the time he became mayor of London. And after racking up a retinue of women companions amidst a slew of scandals, some of which triggered legal action, he became UK Prime Minister.

    In Nigeria, some (OK, a lot of) people like to talk about how god will give you a blessing you don’t qualify for, cos that’s the definition of grace – but Boris Johnson showing all the promise of undone moi-moi is exactly why we need to get serious about certain things.

    It’s one thing to be plucked from complete obscurity to be thrust into the limelight basically overnight; of course, you’re going to flounder like a garden variety reality TV contestant. And who can really blame you?

    Cos let’s face it; a couple of media training classes where you’re told what you should say in front of a camera, isn’t adequate preparation for what is essentially a new life.

    But what about when you’re supposed to know what you’re doing because you’ve had time to prepare? Or it looks like it?

    So, in Nigeria, we have a popular delicacy called moi-moi. It can be eaten plain or as an accompaniment to something.

    Moi-moi is basically steamed bean pudding and it’s sort of supposed to look like this.

    And just like with many steamed goods, it can be difficult to know when they’re fully done and ready to eat.

    The instruction to “steam it for X number of minutes” doesn’t always deliver a perfect or desired result, even for experienced cooks.

    Meaning your moi-moi can be giving “I’m ready vibes” because it looks great on the outside and even has the right aroma. But any attempt to actually eat it will end in disappointment because it’s not done at the centre, despite how it looks on the outside or how long you steamed it for.

    In many cases, a few (or a lot) more minutes of the moi-moi being subjected to necessary conditions would have produced an edible and enjoyable result.

    The conditions for making moi-moi are not the same as for making ogbono soup for instance.

    Unless you’re deliberately trying to create a nonsensical result, moi-moi cannot be left uncovered while steaming; it won’t ‘harden’.

    And that’s when the base mixture had the right consistency and ingredients in the first place.

    But because some (OK, many) people hate waiting – because they see it as time passing – they grumble their way through the entire waiting period or refuse to finish the wait.

    Only to find out when confronted with some situations in a new role or phase of life, that the waiting period was not a suggestion or a punishment, but a necessity to be taken advantage of.

    Which is how Boris Johnson has wound up giving us undone moi-moi vibes on a global stage. Looks ready and promising on the outside, but turns out to be disappointingly unprepared in reality.

    So, if you’re wondering what Boris Johnson’s misfortune/misadventure has to do with you as a woman in Law or Media, it’s this👇

    The fact that you’re not yet in the position or role of your dreams, doesn’t mean that your time isn’t coming. In all honesty, it might be around the corner. Yet

    You might not have formulated your vision for YOUR career, so you’re running on a vision that someone else gave you.

    You may not have created the right personal brand for YOU, so you’re distracted by any or every fad = the best partners or clients for you, don’t recognise you.

    You may not have grasped how to speak to your ideal client, partner or investor in a way that gets or keeps their interest. So, you’re angry with the Legal or Media practitioners who have the attention and investment you so desperately crave – even if you can’t admit it out loud. Which is why you’re trolling them on social media 🤷

    All these ☝️will not stop you from doing a Boris Johnson, if your time comes. Cos truth is, time isn’t just passing; the opportunity you’re waiting for, is drawing closer.

    And it would be a shame for you to show up as undone moi-moi.

    So, if you’re a woman in Law or Media and you know you need to:

    • Decide between passion and purpose
    • Formulate a vision for your career
    • Create a personal brand that’ll get you taken seriously without losing yourself or your mind
    • Speak to your ideal audience before they notice you after you’ve found them

    book your paid consultation to ask for my help here.

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