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    The only books that people who deal with books – whether they are readers, librarians, booksellers, book influencers – just have to have, are the books they really really want.

    So, if you’re an author who would like to go beyond just participating to actually winning, you want to read my guest blog post on The Hasty Book List here

    Just how do you get your ideal client to notice, then book/hire you?

    No, “posting consistently on social media” is NOT it.
    And organising publicity stunts is not the way, either.

    In this packed episode of the Rooted And Robust Podcast with Ozioma Anioji, I talk about 👇
    ✅ How to locate your own customers
    ✅ Why ‘storytelling’ isn’t working for you/your brand/your business
    ✅ The easiest way to think of marketing
    ✅ Dealing with your competition
    ✅ Why everyone that looks like it, isn’t your person AND what to do about it

    Click this link to listen.

    Ever wondered about the phrase “finding your people” and why it’s so important?

    Or what it has to do with being successful in business?

    In this interview with Business RadioX® , I talk about

    ✅ How “finding my people” moved the needle for my business
    ✅ Why I had to wait for them to grow up (literally!)
    ✅ The frustration of ‘selling meat to vegetarians’
    and more!!!

    To hear some solutions that might help your business (especially if you’re in Law OR Media), click the link HERE

    “Your privilege is not always about you” is a mantra I’ve lived by, even when I didn’t realise what I was doing or why.

    I was NOT the one expected to do well…

    That’s why in this podcast episode on HOW TO STOP PLAYING SMALL with the lovely Kyla Denanyoh of You Are A Lawyer – I talk about 👇

    ✅ My journey into Law, out of it & back in
    ✅ Being betrayed by someone I thought was a friend & its impact
    ✅ Lucky breaks on my unusual journey to my becoming a published author, then a radio presenter, then CEO
    ✅ Fear, privilege, being an advocate & building structures
    ✅ Getting fired from writing for a “reality show”
    ✅ Friends in high places, that turn out to be more than just friends
    ✅ The pictures that finally taught me to say NO (& why you should try it, too)
    and more…

    Listen HERE.

    “Write only what you know.”
    “Build/write it and they will come.”

    These are just two of the most harmful (not to mention ridiculous) pieces of advice you’ll ever encounter as an author.

    Which is why in this interview with Madilynn Dale of The Chapter Goddess, I talk about feeling unqualified, my newest book, the most expensive mistake I’ve made as an author and business owner AND how I remedied it.

    Click to watch Chioma Nnani X Madilynn Dale now.

    “Be careful who you call your friend.”
    “She claimed Nigerians are too st*pid to know the truth, then swore she’d use my writing without my permission.”
    “I kept hearing how that only a woman who had an abusive father can end up in an abusive relationship or marriage.”

    These are things in store for you in my podcast interview with Deirdre Pippins of The Bookaholic Podcast as we discuss my rather unusual journey to becoming a published author, friends in high places, intellectual property theft and protection, why I write certain books, how I help authors protect themselves and more.

    So, if you like multicultural women’s fiction OR you’re a writer who wants to do better, click Chioma Nnani X Deirdre Pippins now.

    1) “Learn to recognise people, things and situations for what they are – not what your ego or emotion would prefer – and treat them accordingly.”
    2) “Start where you are and be faithful where you are.”
    3) “I’ve been a waitress and it was one of the best jobs I’ve had in my life.”

    ☝️ are just three of the things I said in this podcast interview with Peter Clemenson of The Aloönæ Show where I also talk about getting my big break, politicans’ shenanigans, the best way to start your day, the best thing I’ve bought off of Amazon, enjoying the journey, my regrets, The Fearless Five By Four Boxed Set, the holiday I’d get rid of and a lot more…

    “I don’t actually want to be a lawyer; I’m so scr*wed.”
    “If you don’t sign over the rights to all you have written to me, I’ll use them anyway.”
    “You keep getting the wrong answers because you keep asking the wrong questions.”

    Find out how I went from ☝️to building a credible brand in this episode of the My First Step Ever Podcast.

    My discussion with podcast host, Ishani Nigam is definitely what you need to hear if you’re trying to figure out how to get unstuck, reclaim your voice and take that first step towards a future you don’t even know is waiting for you.

    Are you a woman in Law who’s finding it difficult because people don’t take you seriously? Or you lack confidence?

    Then, you need to listen to this episode of the Let’s Talk Paralegal With Eda Rosa, where we discuss how to show up as a woman in Law, gaining confidence and the four things you absolutely need to be doing if you want people to take you seriously.

    Confused or overwhelmed by all the info out there on personal branding? Wondering exactly what you need to know about it for your business or career and how to start?

    Then, check out what I said on Joanne Mallon’s Podcast and get the help you need in 5minutes or less.

    “It’s one thing to KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. It’s another thing to NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.”

    If you’re feeling stuck, click here to listen to my interview with Nicole Walker of the WinHer United Podcast, where I discuss being open to opportunities, dealing with betrayal and enforcing boundaries.

    “I did the work. You need to do the work to get what you want. It’s not enough to just avoid what you don’t want.”

    Ever wondered how to move on from abuse and thrive? Maybe you’ve wondered what home looks like. Then, check out the Chioma Nnani X Healing Through Love interview because I talk about surviving abuse, moving on, putting yourself first so you can build the future you deserve, and more…

    “Some churched women don’t know what to do with a sane, drama-free, kind man who is not abusive and doesn’t give them cause to offer prayers in distress – because they’ve not been equipped to be with such a man.

    “On the other hand, some churches pay lip service to “Leave (an abusive situation) first, pray from a distance” so there are a lot of so-called Christian, Nigerian women who are just one punch, one slap or one shove away from being an RIP hashtag on social media.”

    In my most revealing interview yet, I talk to blogger and reviewer, Ailyn Koay about the fearlessness and audacity it takes to build a credible creative brand in Nigeria, being an outlier, triple threats and reductive stories in Nollywood, being able to hide a marriage and a husband in plain sight when you’re a woman in the public eye, my hopes for my daughter, and why I really wrote FOREVER THERE FOR YOU. To read it, click HERE

    Have you ever been confused about whether you should follow your passion or just focus on your purpose? Or have you followed your passion or focused on a purpose, finally achieved something, then found it doesn’t make you as happy as you thought it would?

    Are you a woman in the public eye being pressured or feeling depressed cos trolls are dragging you online for have a smaller bum? Afraid of being seen in the same outfit more than once? Ashamed of saying tall, dark and handsome isn’t really your type?

    Then, listen to this podcast interview where I talk about passion, purpose, pressure and smelling coffee with Jeremy Bormann of Buision

    Love Abuja, short stories, multicultural fiction and strong women who aren’t afraid/ashamed to accept a man’s help? Then, check out Chioma Nnani X Ashley Hasty where I talk about my collection of short stories, being inspired by a particular author, and more…

    “Should I start a blog or podcast?”
    “Should I be on Instagram or Pinterest?”
    “Is billboard advertising or social media advertising better for me?”

    If you’re interested in a Law or Media career BUT you wonder how you should be communicating with your audience to get maximum results, watch me discuss it with Malcolm Gallagher of BVTV UK HERE

    Do you worry that the legal market is so saturated or the media space has so many names, that nobody will notice you?

    Then, watch my interview with Malcolm Gallagher of BVTV UK, where I talk about how you can build a personal brand that will make you stand out in Law or Media HERE

    Ever wondered where and how to start that career in Law or Media? Check out my chat with Malcolm Gallagher of BVTV UK, in which I talk about formulating your vision for your career in Media or Law HERE

    If you’re a woman in the public eye and you want to be happy, learn how to lie about your personal life. And lie with a straight face!

    Have you ever wondered what kind of mindset you need to succeed as a woman in media?

    Then, listen to my interview with Hey Alexa The Podcast where I talk about getting fired from a reality TV writing gig that I thought would be my big break (only to win a BEFFTA some months later!), lying through my teeth about details of my personal life, why I write for a specific woman, and what the cancellation of London Book Fair in 2020 taught me.

    How can you betray me if you were never for me?

    If you’re familiar with Nollywood movies from 20,30 YEARS ago, you remember this storyline – a character, A does something truly awful to another, B who suffers great loss. A gets away with what they’ve done. Till some years later when they run into a problem and a voodoo priest or pastor says A has offended/grieved someone in the past very deeply. And if A doesn’t seek out B and obtain their forgiveness, A will continue to suffer and even die. So A looks for B, sheds some crocodile tears and gets to move on with his/her life like nothing happened.

    I always thought that was bullsh*t. Which is why in this interview with Theadora Vosse of Single Or Divorced, I talk about what forgiveness is definitely not, the danger of focusing on titles, why we should all be pick mes, and how understanding the assignment helps me forgive the unforgettable. Click HERE to watch.

    Ever wondered why you seem to date the same person in different bodies, if there’s a right person, how to find them and sustain what you’ve got? Then, check out this segment of the Singles Conference hosted by the Heart Talk with Eseosa Podcast [December 12, 2021] where I chop it up with two other guest speakers…

    Having to wait for anything can be one of the most difficult things in the world, especially when you’re being taunted.

    And in the concluding part of my podcast interview with Eseosa Oyegue, we discuss waiting for the one where you feel safe, blackmail, and how my martial arts training helped me avoid getting a murder charge.

    Click Chioma Nnani X Heart Talks With Eseosa: Why Should I Wait For Love, Episode 2 [August 14, 2021] to listen. You also get a gift if you listen to the end.

    “Even the right person before the right time, can screw up your entire life” is just one of the reasons I give, when discussing why you should wait for love with Eseosa Oyegue.

    To find out why I didn’t let anyone panic, pepper or pressure me into marriage and more, click to listen to Chioma Nnani X Heart Talks With Eseosa: Why Should I Wait For Love, Episode 1 [August 8, 2021]

    Find out why the future doesn’t actually have to mirror the past in Chioma Nnani X Ibs Writes, where I talk to Ibukun Sodipo about confronting an abusive childhood, getting comfortable with my looks, ignoring societal expectations, quietly marrying a real warrior-prince with whom I break generational cycles, cutting off toxic people, “writing the future”, and more…

    What if you don’t recognise someone for who or what they are, because they don’t look like what you’ve been taught to expect?

    That’s where Eseosa Oyegue and I pick up the concluding part of a podcast interview and you can listen to it if you click Chioma Nnani X Heart Talks With Eseosa: How Well Do You Know Your Partner, Episode 2 [August 1, 2021]

    How long does it take you to get to know someone? Is it even possible to truly know a person, especially when your emotions are involved?

    In this podcast interview with Eseosa Oyegue, I talk truth hidden in plain sight and shocking encounters that expose a person’s real nature. Click Chioma Nnani X Heart Talks With Eseosa: How Well Do You Know Your Partner, Episode 1 [July 25, 2021] to listen

    Will it kill guys, if they communicate with their romantic partner? Or do women have to order the “Communication feature” differently when we agree to be with a guy?

    From this, to silent treatment, expecting a partner to be a mind reader, patterns, “hiding your baby Jesus from Herod” and much more, podcast hostess (Eseosa Oyegue) dives into this episode with me and another guest. Click Chioma Nnani X Heart Talks With Eseosa: Relationship Series (Love & Dating), Episode 6 [April 11, 2021] to listen

    “If I ever killed someone, my husband is the first person I’d call. Because we’re partners.”

    In this podcast interview I talk to Eseosa Oyegue about partnerships, relationship goals that aren’t on Instagram, meeting my other half for the first time at the age of 3, having a type, and much more. Click Chioma Nnani X Heart Talks With Eseosa: Relationship Series (Love & Dating), Episode 5 [April 5, 2021] to listen

    3d book display image of FOREVER THERE FOR YOU

    How does a daddy's girl from Nigeria, who's never been in a toxic relationship in her life, end up with an abusive husband in the UK?

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