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    The Ugly Truth About Waiting

    Do you know delay and waiting can look, feel, sound and taste like the same thing?

    Cos with both, time is passing.

    That you

    • didn’t marry at 24
    • got into uni at 22 and graduated at 26
    • landed your first paid job at 28
    • launched your first business at 30
    • had your first child at 40
    • haven’t counted your first million yet

    doesn’t mean that you’ve failed.

    And even more important, it doesn’t always mean you’re being delayed (including by any spiritual entity).

    Sometimes, we see a legitimate waiting period as delay because comparison will not let us be great in peace.

    Have you noticed how anytime you’re upset or depressed over your circumstances, it’s as a result of comparison with others?

    Even when you’re not an envious person!

    “I’m upset cos I’ve been married for five years and I don’t have a child. But so-and-so got married after me & now has three children!”

    “I’m sad that my book I released a year ago hasn’t become a bestseller, but Sisi’s own became a bestseller in two countries only six months after it was released.”

    “Your younger sister graduated after you did but she’s already working and married, yet you are not.”

    “So-and-so’s son finished building a house for his mother in the village in under six months yet you’re still renting an apartment. And you call yourself a man!”

    I know it’s tough especially on the ‘gram but don’t let any voice (including the ones in your head) panic, pepper or pressure you into bypassing your waiting period. Na you go cry, oh!

    Have you ever eaten moi-moi, akara or cake that looks good and aroma was calling you BUT it wasn’t done at the centre? Or eaten something that was microwaved in a hurry – so hot on the outside, frozen on the inside?

    That’s what happens when you hold even something that’s yours BEFORE IT IS READY.

    Or have your lips, tongue or fingers ever been burnt by food or liquid you weren’t expecting to be that hot? Then, you had to nurse your injury and still clean up any mess you caused?

    That’s what happens when you hold even something that’s yours BEFORE YOU ARE READY.

    Yes, waiting isn’t always fun. It took 18 MONTHS between when I submitted the first manuscript for this book, and when it was actually released.

    But waiting isn’t always a delay caused by medical or spiritual or other problems that you need to remove or short-circuit.

    No matter how desperate you are for a child, or how much mockery you’ve endured, you don’t want a child handed to you as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test.

    Or to give birth three months into pregnancy.

    Waiting periods are meant to prepare you for what you’re waiting for OR prepare it for you.

    Sometimes, there’s something you’re to do while you wait. And other times, there’s nawt for you to do but wait

    Have you found yourself waiting longer than you thought you would, for anything? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments below

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